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Highy recommend!!! Pamela Lewis would hold her own with humor writers Jen Lancaster, Jen Lawson and Laurie Notaro to name a few.

She is someone you can imagine being friends with or pen-pals as she definitely would keep you laughing, and there is no doubt I would hire her as my dog sitter!!! She GETS animals and the neurotic behavior of people who own them.

So many things she said rang true for me too!! (and I thought I was the only crazy one to think this way). She has a great writing style. Looking forward to her next book.

Amy S

What a belly laugh! Pamela Lewis must see things in people from a different point of view: knee height.

Perhaps it is her personification of pets that brings the reader to that inner circle of the common language that only animal-people share. She sees humor and expresses it in ways that keep the reader/pet owner turning the pages, looking for the next chuckle.

Pet Sitting in Paradise is a fun read that shares the pleasures and pitfalls of Pamela's favorite subjects: our pets and our paradise.

M. Harvey


I operate a pet-sitting service in one of the most dreamed about vacation destinations in the world. I share the humorous, heartwarming and, at times, bizarre happenings experienced while working in an uncommon occupation in such a unique location. 

Pet Sitting in Paradise is my first book. If you look with enhaned night vision goggles you could likely  find it  on Amazon. 


The author's candid reflection on her own life's ups, downs and struggles is refreshing and real. It is an inspiring account of someone who sought change in her life after 9/11. She found herself on a journey to start a new life, find a job she loved - and made it happen; Pam Lewis is an impressive woman who has a gift when it comes to caring for animals.

Being a newcomer to Hawaii from the mainland can be challenging and lonely. Pam's story will ring a familiar bell with those who have moved here and faced the adjustments; her witty observations had me laughing out loud throughout the book! My two dogs would like to add... Pam is their most favorite friend. 

Anne Marie B.

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Wanna read a few excerpts from Pet Sitting in Paradise? Includes Obama Drama, which occurred during the former president's sojourns down the street from me.

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