The Times They Are-A-Fleeting

Are you Proud of How You are Spending Your Time?

What can be perfect and sometimes described as serendipitous? What can be fleeting or unfaltering? Need more clues? If you have a healthy mind, it can be your best friend, but if you have a faulty brain it can be an enemy. You might need a lot of it to learn a new skill or you might not want any of it if you anticipate choppy waters. It's time. One of the most difficult constructs to explain because it affects every person differently. Try to define time without using the word time. It's not impossible, but it is not easy either.

Engish writer William Penn said of time, " Time is what we all want most, but what we use the worst." Tru dat.

The simplest definition of time I was able to find was from and is "the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. If that definition doesn't float your boat how about "a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future." The only reason why I have been obsessed with the notion of time is that I'm realizing I don't have a lot of it in the bank. Time shouldn't take it personally because I don't have a lot of money in there either. I can't figure out where my time has gone. I know it happened as evidenced by the wrinkles in my head. I have convinced myself that if I can figure out where my time went, then I can re-up or renew it. Of course, this is not how life works. The best way to ensure that you know where time is going is to use it wisely. Not feeling bad about the past, not feeling melancholy about the present, and not fearing the future. Easy peazy right? No.

I'm not the only one who is confused by time. We all know people who are chronically late. The interesting thing about those people is they are usually late by the same amount of time with each occurrence. Despite this late people, you are still late. On the surface not being able to arrive anywhere on time doesn't seem unusual. At its core it's rude, but being late for the person who is doing it, is not a big deal. There might be more to lateness than meets the eye. Some studies show Type A and B people actually experience time differently almost fifty percent of the time. It is estimated that the United States loses $90 billion every year on the count of lateness. If that is the case, then I'm unsure if timeliness can even be taught.

One of my memories about time that I chide my mom about is illegal to do to dogs today. She was obsessed with going to plant nurseries. I have no clue why, to me, they smelled funny and the sculpture garden terrified me. My choice was either to go inside and be terrified of a garden gnome or wait in the car. I chose the latter. I didn't wear a watch and truly have no idea how long I was in the car. I'm sure as hell sure my mom didn't either. Her concept of time is completely warped. She proved this when she would make my dad pull over on family vacations to go to an antique store. She would talk to the store owners so long that my dad and I would leave, have lunch, and when we returned she would still be talking.

We are judged by how we spend our time. What is important for me to do might be a waste of time for someone else. If people knew how much time I spent social networking they would assume I had no life. I don't, but the point is that I'm trying to achieve a goal and the best way to achieve this goal is to social network. This means that I spend time literaly everyday telling people that photo of their lunch is amazing. I'm not lying as any food that is vegetarian and not cooked by me does look amazing. Because time is free, how we utilize it is no one's business. Maybe if time cost money we would spend it in the best ways possible.

I believe deep, deep, down to the right of the cheesecake and between my new dance pole and Twitter I'm sometimes embarrassed by how I spend my time. If I can make time for these things I should be able to make time for anything I want in my life. So....what to do? Eat like a child....done. Play like a child...done. Love like a human.....trying.

I included Instagram videos in this blog because this is how I spent some of my time this week. Please turn the volume up as I stole these particular songs and I love them.

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